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Name: Brian Fire (Brian Garcia) 

Location: Atlanta, GA 

Brian Garcia, more well-known as Brian Fire, started this project to reflect the complex layers of music he’d always listen and look up to. He paves a way of incorporating his classical-music upbringing, the edge of indietronica & post-punk revival, and directive force electronic and pop music to create who Brian Fire is and what he stands for. Born in California and growing up in Georgia, Brian had many inspirations to pull from for his work. It would be after a study abroad experience in Copenhagen where the concept of Brian Fire would be realized. 

Drawing in attention from the city he’s based in, Atlanta, Brian’s unwavering drive to stick to who he is musically and staying true to his story, only invites more new listeners to experience music through his ears. With every track he puts out, he intentionally pays very close attention to every detail and element that goes into the song because he wants to relay a story to the listener every time they hear a Brian Fire song. The vision for the Brian Fire project is complimented with fire themed visuals and contrasting elements; Because of this, there is a balance to seemingly opposite ideas that Brian Fire places in his music, lyrics and visual artwork for each track. 

Drawing influence from artists like Big Wild, Foster The People and Deadmau5 to composers like Mahler and Shostakovich, Brian Fire delivers a world of sound for the listener to get lost in. Brian Fire will be in the studio at the beginning of 2020 at work for his debut EP, Genesis.

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